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복합화력발전 내 배열회수 보일러용 소재 (탄소강 계열 및 듀플렉스 스테인 리스강(UNS S32205))의 황산농도에 따른 부식거동 비교 연구
Comparative Study on the Corrosion Behavior of Materials in Heat Recovery Steam Generators for Combined Cycle Power Plant, Based on Sulfuric Acid Concentrations: Carbon Steels vs Duplex Stainless Steel (UNS S32205)
  Published online: 30 November 1999.
: This study examined the effects of sulfuric acid concentrations on the corrosion behaviors of three types of commercial steels, conventional carbon steel (SA192), sulfuric acid dew resistant steel (S-TEN), and duplex stainless steel (S32205), considered to be potential materials for the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) in combined cycle power plants. Based on the results of electrochemical polarization, immersion and wet-dry cycle tests, when exposed to a high sulfuric acid concentration (50%), SA192 and S-TEN exhibited higher corrosion resistance than S32205, which was due to the formation of a stable FeSO4 scale on the carbon steel materials. With prolonged exposure, S-TEN with slightly higher concentrations of Cu and Sb showed lower weight loss than SA192. Conversely, when subjected to low sulfuric acid concentrations (5 and 10%), S32205 exhibited passivation behavior, and showed significantly superior corrosion resistance (i.e., much smaller weight loss) than the other two steel samples. The examination of localized corrosion damages through cross-section observation using a scanning electron microscope revealed also that S32205 suffered less damages from the wet-dry cycling. The long-term superior corrosion resistance of duplex stainless steel in low sulfuric acid concentrations, compared to carbon steel and sulfuric acid due resistant steel, make it a promising candidate material for the HRSG in combined cycle power plants.
Keywords: : combined cycle power plant, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), duplex stainless steel, sulfuric acid corrosion, wet-dry
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