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Effective Method for Preparing Low-Oxygen Titanium Ingot by Combined Powder Deoxidation and Vacuum Arc Melting Processes

Received 2020 Dec 28     Accepted 2021 Feb 1     Published online 2021 Feb 19
In this study, an effective method is demonstrated for fabricating titanium sputtering targets, which are used to fabricate thin films in the semiconductor industry. The method is an alternative to the existing electron beam melting (EBM) process under high vacuum. Titanium sputtering targets used in the production of semiconductors must have very low... More
Research Papers
H2O2 첨가제를 이용하여 제작한 WO3 광전극의 광전기화학적 특성 개선 연구
전승환1 · 정현진1 · 배성찬1 · 류혁현1,* · 이원재2

Received 2020 Oct 19     Accepted 2021 Feb 2     Published online 2021 Feb 19
In this study, we deposited a WO3 thin-film photoelectrode on a fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) substrate using a spin-coating method, and we investigated the photocurrent density and dark current density of the WO3 photoelectrode with various amounts of H2O2 additive. The morphological, structural, optical, electrical and photoelectrochemical properties of the WO3 photoelectrode with... More
Photoacid generator가 포함된 광경화성 전구체 기반 자가패턴 가능한 용액 공정형 Zinc Tin 산화물 트랜지스터 연구
김재영1,a · 최건오2,a · 안태규2,* · 정용진1,*

Received 2021 Jan 21     Accepted 2021 Feb 3     Published online 2021 Feb 19
Solution-processed zinc tin oxide (ZTO) thin-film transistors (TFTs) have great potential uses in next-generation wearable and flexible electronic products. Zinc and tin precursor materials are naturally abundant and have low fabrication costs. To integrate a single ZTO TFT into logic circuits including inverters, NAND, and NOR gates will require the development of a... More
Improved Ultraviolet Photoresponse Properties of ZnO Nanorods Grown by Using Hydrothermal Method Applied Rotating Precursor Solution
Dongwan Kim and Jae-Young Leem

Received 2020 Nov 23     Accepted 2021 Jan 20     Published online 2021 Feb 19
We grew ZnO nanorods (NRs) using a hydrothermal method while rotating the precursor solution, and report the effect of rotation on surface modification, and the optical and ultraviolet (UV) photoresponse properties of the resulting ZnO nanorods. The ZnO NRs grown in the rotating precursor solution at 100 rpm had the longest length and... More
미세조직 인자들이 WC-12~22wt%Co 초경합금의 인장성질에 미치는 영향
류성현1,2 · 김경일1 · 노우람1 · 김상섭2 · 조규섭1,*

Received 2020 Dec 28     Accepted 2021 Jan 28     Published online 2021 Feb 19
Cemented carbide is a kind of composite material in which fine particles of carbide are embedded into the matrix of a binder metal. It has a long service life because of its superior mechanical properties. In this study, the overall tensile behavior of a cemented carbide, WC-Co, was investigated by considering its characteristic... More
Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of ZnO Nanorods Treated with Oxygen Plasma using Atomic Force Microscopy
Donghyuck Park, Yijun Yang, and Kwanlae Kim*

Received 2020 Dec 21     Accepted 2021 Jan 19     Published online 2021 Feb 19
Zinc oxide (ZnO) simultaneously exhibits semiconducting and piezoelectric properties. ZnO in the form of nanorods has been studied intensively for application in self-powering devices. The power generation in piezoelectric nanogenerators based on ZnO nanorods can be improved via several approaches, including an oxygen plasma treatment. When ZnO nanorods are exposed to oxygen plasma,... More
Sebum경화 기능형 ZnO powder 특성 연구
전용민 · 권진구 · 유시홍 · 이영철 · 이성의*

Received 2020 Nov 2     Accepted 2021 Jan 11     Published online 2021 Feb 19
Zinc oxide is transparent inorganic UV absorber and widely used as a sunscreen. But sunscreen on the skin is easily erased by sebum, so zinc oxide with a sebum curing function was studied. In this study, a zinc oxide powder was prepared using zinc chloride and sodium hydroxide via a hydrothermal synthesis method.... More
Ca와 Zr을 소량 첨가한 나노결정 Fe-Si-B-Cu계 합금의 미세조직변화와 자기적특성
안수봉 · 장수환 · 박원욱* · 손근용*

Received 2020 Dec 21     Accepted 2021 Jan 19     Published online 2021 Feb 19
Nanocrystalline Fe-Si-B-Nb-Cu Finemet alloys show low saturation magnetic flux density compared to amorphous Fe-Si-B alloys. In the Fe-Si-B-Cu base amorphous alloys, Cu atoms form clusters which act as heterogeneous nucleation sites for α-Fe crystals. The addition of Ca element atoms, distributed along grain boundaries, helps inhibit grain growth and increase resistivity. These alloys... More
반응성 스퍼터링법으로 제조된 Al2O3 막을 이용한 ZnO/Cu/ZnO 투명 히터의 내식성과 투과도 개선 연구
방금혁 · 최두호*

Received 2021 Jan 6     Accepted 2021 Jan 20     Published online 2021 Feb 19
In this study, we report a methodology that simultaneously improved the corrosion resistance and visible transparency of ZnO/Cu/ZnO transparent heaters with the addition of reactively sputtered Al2O3 layers. To assess corrosion resistance, ZnO and Al2O3 layers with thicknesses in the range of 0-20 nm were deposited onto 20 nm-thick Cu layer, and the... More
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