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Up- and Downconversion Luminescence in Ho3+,Yb3+-Co-Doped Y2O3 Transparent Ceramics Prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering
Cheol Woo Park1, Jun Hyeong In1, Jae Hwa Park1, Kwang Bo Shim1, and Jeong Ho Ryu2,*

Received 2019 May 3     Accepted 2019 Jul 10     Published online 2019 Aug 21
We employed spark plasma sintering (SPS) in the presence of sintering aids to fabricate highquality Ho3+,Yb3+-co-doped Y2O3 transparent ceramics suitable for use as a laser gain medium, and analyzed their microstructure and optical properties. Ho3+,Yb3+-co-doped Y2O3 transparent ceramics with different contents of Yb3+ were fabricated by SPS and exhibited high... More
환원 그래핀 산화물 이용하여 계면제어된 n형 Bismuch Telluride Selenide 복합체의 열전수송특성에 대한 연구
황의경 · 임영수

Received 2019 Jan 10     Accepted 2019 Mar 5     Published online 2019 Aug 21
We report the effect of interface control using reduced graphene oxide (RGO) on the thermoelectric transport properties of Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 (BTS)-RGO composites. The interface-controlled BTS-RGO composites were prepared by the consolidation of BTS-RGO hybrid powders using spark plasma sintering (SPS). The RGO-hybridization reduced the grain size in the BTS-RGO composites because... More
폐리튬 이차전지 황산침출용액에서 Cyanex 301에 의한 구리(II)의 선택적 추출
이세아 · 이만승

Received 2019 Jun 14     Accepted 2019 Jul 17     Published online 2019 Aug 21
Spent lithium ion batteries contain cobalt, copper, lithium, manganese and nickel. Recovery of these metals with high purity from spent lithium ion batteries is of importance. A sulfuric acid solution is generally employed for the treatment of spent lithium ion batteries, but it is difficult to separate these metal ions... More
염산 용액에서 지르코늄(IV)계 금속-유기물 구조체 UIO-66-NH2의 팔라듐(II) 흡착
안형훈 · 이만승

Received 2019 May 21     Accepted 2019 Jul 22     Published online 2019 Aug 21
Metal-organic frameworks are used in many applications, such as gas separation, catalysis, and the synthesis of nanomaterials. Metal-organic frameworks show superior stability at high temperature, which makes them potentially useful for the adsorption of metal ions from leaching solutions at high temperature. In this work, UIO-66-NH2, a zirconium(IV) based metal-organic... More
Optimization of the CMP Process with Colloidal Silica Performance for Bulk AlN Single Crystal Substrate
Hyo Sang Kang1,3, Joo Hyung Lee1, Jae Hwa Park3, Hee Ae Lee1, Won Il Park1, Seung Min Kang4, and Sung Chul Yi2,*

Received 2019 Jun 4     Accepted 2019 Jul 15     Published online 2019 Aug 21
Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) of bulk AlN was performed with colloidal silica slurry (pH 9) for different times. The result shows that colloidal silica slurry at pH 9, which has the relatively high surface charge of -50.7 mV is most stable, and it was selected as chemically optimum condition in... More
High-temperature Oxidation of Fe-12Cr-0.3C-4Mn-(13-15)Cu Composite Alloys
Min Jung Kim1, Sang-Hwan Bak2, Junhee Hahn3, Seon Jin Kim4, and Dong Bok Lee1,*

Received 2019 Apr 18     Accepted 2019 Jun 28     Published online 2019 Aug 21
Alloys of Fe-12Cr-0.3C-4Mn-(13, 14, 15)Cu (wt%) were cast using an induction furnace. They were structurally heterogeneous composites that consisted of a relatively stiff α-Fe matrix and a soft (Cu, Mn)-rich secondary phase. They were developed as self-lubricating, wear-resistant metals. Since the formation of oxides plays an important role in wear,... More
Eco-Friendly Pretreatment of Titanium Turning Scraps and Subsequent Preparation of Ferro-Titanium Ingots
Jikwang Chae, Jung-Min Oh, Suhwan Yoo, and Jae-Won Lim

Received 2019 Mar 18     Accepted 2019 Jul 23     Published online 2019 Aug 21
In this study, an eco-friendly pretreatment process was developed to recycle titanium turning scraps and ferro-titanium ingots with low gaseous impurities were prepared using recycled titanium turning scraps. The amount of gaseous impurities of titanium scraps before removing the machining oils on the surface was as high as 20000 ppm.... More
Ti-44.5Ni-5Cu 및 Ti-45.2Ni-5Cu(at%)합금의 형상기억특성에 미치는 어닐링온도의 영향
김재일1,* · 황광선2

Received 2019 May 27     Accepted 2019 Jul 3     Published online 2019 Aug 21
The effect of annealing temperature on shape memory properties in the Ti-44.5Ni-5Cu and Ti-45.2Ni-5Cu(at%) alloys was investigated by differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) and tensile testing. The martensitic transformation temperature of Ti-44.5Ni-5Cu(at%) increased from 308K to 324K with increasing annealing temperature and did not change with further increasing annealing temperature. This... More
Mg-Zn합금의 압출 공정 중 동적 석출 거동에 대한 고찰
이광철1,5 · 나민영2 · 장혜정2,3 · 차필령4 · 김유찬1,5,*· 석현광1,6,*

Received 2019 May 13     Accepted 2019 Jul 8     Published online 2019 Aug 21
The dynamic precipitation evolution of Mg-3 wt% Zn alloy during extrusion was evaluated in this study. Precipitation evolution during aging has been well investigated for the Mg-Zn alloy, which is known as static precipitation. However, little attention has been given to dynamic precipitation in Mg-Zn alloy. In order to evaluate... More
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