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Research Papers
495 Core-shell Structured YSZ/CeO2 Composite Thermal Barrier Coating Fabrication and Properties
코어-쉘 구조 YSZ/CeO2 계 복합체 열차폐 코팅 제조 및 물성
Gye-won Lee, Tae-jun Park, Seonung Choi, Jong-il Kim, Gye-seok An, In-hwan Lee, Yoon-seok Oh
이계원, 박태준, 최선웅, 김종일, 안계석, 이인환, 오윤석
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(7):495-502.   Published online 2024 Jun 28
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.7.495

In this study, we researched changes in the properties of a Thermal Barrier Coating depending on the powder structure. For this purpose, we used YSZ (Yttria Stabilized Zirconia), a commercial Thermal Barrier Coating material, to produce a powder with a Core-Shell structure. Bulk samples were prepared by hot pressing to..... More

503 Effect of Ni-P Coating Layer on the Solidification Cracking of Cu-Steel Dissimilar Welds for Li-Ion Battery Pack Manufacturing
리튬이온 배터리용 Cu-Steel 이종 레이저 용접부 응고균열에 미치는 Ni-P 도금의 영향
Jae-Hyeon Park, Myung-Jin Kim, Heeshin Kang, Eun-Joon Chun
박재현, 김명진, 강희신, 천은준
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(7):503-510.   Published online 2024 Jun 28
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.7.503

This study investigated the effect of a Ni-P coating layer on the solidification cracking behavior of Cu–mild steel dissimilar welds during the manufacturing of cylindrical Li-ion battery packs for electric vehicles. Four Cu plates were prepared and characterized: uncoated Cu and three levels (12, 50, and 100 μm) of Ni–P-coated..... More

511 Solidification Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Sn-2.5Ag-0.8Cu-0.05Ni-1Bi and Sn-0.75Cu-0.065Ni-1.5Bi Solder Alloys, and Microstructures in Joints Formed Using Them
Bi가 첨가된 Sn-2.5Ag-0.8Cu-0.05Ni-1Bi 및 Sn-0.75Cu-0.065Ni-1.5Bi 솔더 합금의 응고 거동 및 기계적 특성과 형성 접합부의 미세구조
Hye-Min Lee, Jung Tak Moon, Young-Woo Lee, Hui Joong Kim, Seul Gi Lee, Joug-Hyun Lee
이혜민, 문정탁, 이영우, 김휘중, 이슬기, 이종현
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(7):511-523.   Published online 2024 Jun 28
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.7.511

To form excellent solder joints in both thermal cycling and drop tests, Sn-2.5Ag-0.8Cu-0.05Ni-1Bi and Sn-0.75Cu-0.065Ni-1.5Bi composition solder balls were developed. In this study, undercooling and solidification characteristics of the alloys, resulting microstructural changes, the solid solution effect of Bi, physical properties, and interfacial reaction properties were investigated and compared with..... More

524 Aluminum Alloy Design by La Amount through Machine Learning and Experimental Verification
기계 학습 및 실험적 검증을 활용한 La 함량 별 알루미늄 합금 설계
Kyeonghun Kim, Jong-Goo Park, HaeWoong Yang, Uro Heo, NamHyun Kang
김경훈, 박종구, 양해웅, 허우로, 강남현
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(7):524-532.   Published online 2024 Jun 27
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.7.524

The development and design of metal materials have been carried out through experimental method and simulation based on theoretic. Recently, with the widespread application of artificial intelligence (AI) in various fields, many studies have been actively incorporating artificial intelligence into the field of metal material design. Especially, many studies have..... More

533 Investigation on the Structural and Mechanical Properties of Al Foam Manufactured by Spark Plasma Sintering and Compression Molding Methods
방전 플라즈마 소결과 압축 성형 방법으로 제조된 알루미늄 다공체의 구조적, 기계적 특성 연구
Seunghyeok Choi, Sang-Hwa Lee, Jae-Gil Jung, Seok-Jae Lee, Tae-Young Ahn, Yu-Song Choi, Seung Bae Son
최승혁, 이상화, 정재길, 이석재, 안태영, 최유송, 손승배
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(7):533-541.   Published online 2024 Jun 28
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.7.533
Metal foam materials are used for various purposes including electrode materials, catalyst filters, and gas diffusion filters due to their porous structure. Increasing demand for metal foams has generated research to increase porosity as well as produce different pore sizes. The present paper illustrates a comparison of open-cell aluminum foams... More
542 Skutterudite: Reproducibility of Thermoelectric Performance of P-type RyFe4-xCoxSb12 Bulky Compacts
Jin-Sol Kim, Dong-Kil Shin, Kwan-Ho Park, Il-Ho Kim
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(7):542-549.   Published online 2024 Jun 28
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.7.542

Skutterudite compounds have excellent thermoelectric performance in the intermediate-to high temperature range. Their lattice thermal conductivity can be reduced by intensifying phonon scattering through independent vibrations of the guest atoms, by filling the voids within the lattice. Furthermore, the thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) can be enhanced by optimizing the..... More

550 Theoretical Maximum Thermoelectric Performance of Cu-doped and Electric Current Pulse-treated Bi-Sb-Te Alloys
Cu 도핑 및 Electric Current Pulse 공정에 의한 Bi-Sb-Te계 열전소재의 최대 열전성능지수 예측
Joonha Lee, Hyunjin Park, Junsu Kim, Won-Seon Seo, Sang-il Kim, Hyun-Sik Kim
이준하, 박현진, 김준수, 서원선, 김상일, 김현식
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(7):550-557.   Published online 2024 Jun 28
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.7.550

Bi2Te3 shows high thermoelectric performance near room temperature, making it the most widely used material in thermoelectric cooling applications. Cu doping has been found to be effective in improving the thermoelectric performance of Bi2Te3. However, due to the problem of easy migration of Cu ions, the stability of Cu-doped Bi2Te3..... More

558 Effect of Ga on the Morphology of SnO2 Nano/Micro-Crystals Grown by a Thermal Evaporation Method
열증발법에 의해 성장한 SnO2 나노/마이크로 결정의 형상에 미치는 Ga의 영향
Geun-Hyoung Lee
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(7):558-563.   Published online 2024 Jun 28
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.7.558

SnO2 nano/micro-crystals with different morphologies were fabricated by the thermal evaporation of SnO2 powders mixed with Ga2O3 powder. The synthesis process was performed at 1300℃ in air. X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis, energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) were used to examine the..... More

Review Paper
564 Microstructure and Texture Evolution in Thermomechanically Processed FCC Metals and Alloys: a Review
Aman Gupta, Ranjeet Kumar, Lalit Kaushik, Sourabh Shukla, Vipin Tandon, Shi-Hoon Choi
Korean J. Met. Mater. 2024;62(7):564-592.   Published online 2024 Jun 28
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3365/KJMM.2024.62.7.564

The stacking fault energy (SFE) of face-centered cubic (FCC) alloys is a critical parameter that controls microstructural and crystallographic texture evolution during deformation and annealing treatments. This review focuses on several FCC alloys, aluminum (Al), copper (Cu), austenitic stainless steels (ASSs), and high entropy alloys (HEAs), all of which exhibit..... More

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