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Deok-Yeong Choi, Ye-Eun Cha, and Il-Ho Kim
Thermoelectric Properties of P-type (Ce1-zYbz)0.8Fe4-xCoxSb12 Skutterudites
Received: 31 August 2018;  Accepted: 20 September 2018.  Published online: 11 October 2018.
P-type Ce/Yb-filled skutterudites were synthesized, and their charge transport and thermoelectric properties were investigated with partial double filling and charge compensation. In the case of (Ce1-zYbz)0.8Fe4Sb12 without Co substitution, the marcasite (FeSb2) phase formed alongside the skutterudite phase, but the generation of the marcasite phase was inhibited by increasing Co concentration. The electrical conductivity decreased with increasing temperature, exhibiting degenerate semiconductor behavior. The Hall and Seebeck coefficients were positive, which confirmed that the specimens were p-type semiconductors with holes as the major carriers. The carrier concentration decreased as the concentration of Ce and Co increased, which led to decreased electrical conductivity and increased Seebeck coefficient. The thermal conductivity decreased due to a reduction in electronic thermal conductivity via Co substitution, and due to decreased lattice thermal conductivity via double filling of Ce and Yb. (Ce0.25Yb0.75)0.8Fe3.5Co0.5Sb12 exhibited the greatest dimensionless figure of merit (ZT = 0.66 at 823 K).
Keywords: thermoelectric, skutterudite, partial double filling, charge compensation
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