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결정질 Pb 제2상을 포함하는 Al 계 비정질 합금 개발
김완 · 김진우 · 이제인 · 박은수

Received 2019 Nov 18     Accepted 2019 Dec 19     Published online 2020 Jan 8
Liquid immiscible alloy systems present a unique opportunity for designing composites with sphere-dispersed and/or interconnected microstructures. Herein, we demonstrate that the addition of Pb in Al84TM10RE6 (TM=Ni,Co,Fe,Ti, RE=La,Ce,Nd,Gd,Y) metallic glasses can result in liquid-liquid phase separation in a liquid immiscibility gap and substantially solidifies into a Pb-rich crystalline phase and Alrich... More
에너지-전이 형광 특성 향상을 위한 다공성 실리카 중간층이 추가된 코어-쉘 나노입자 제조 및 특성평가
심우형 · 김세윤 · 신원호 · 정형모

Received 2019 Nov 18     Accepted 2019 Dec 13     Published online 2020 Jan 8
Multi-layer core-shell nanoparticles (YVO4:Nd3+/mSiO2/SiO2) consisting of silica cores (SiO2), mesoporous silica (mSiO2) intermediate layers, and Neodymium doped rare-earth phosphor (YVO4:Nd3+) shell layers were successfully synthesized using the stepwise sol-gel method. The morphological structure and optical properties of the functional core-shell nanoparticles were characterized and evaluated by transmission electron microscopy (TEM),... More
증착 각도 조절 기반 패턴전사프린팅을 통한 패턴 형상의 제어
박태완 · 박운익

Received 2019 Nov 18     Accepted 2019 Dec 18     Published online 2020 Jan 8
The nanofabrication of modern electronic devices requires advanced nanopatterning technologies. To fabricate desirable nanodevices with excellent device performance, controlling the shape and dimension of the pattern is very important. However, to achieve more facile and faster device fabrication, with better pattern resolution, pattern-tunability, process simplicity, and cost-effectiveness, some remaining challenges... More
Synthesis of Porous Particles by Electrospray-Assisted Self-Assembly for Water-Repellent or Photocatalytic Surfaces
Young-Sang Cho, Younghyun Lee, Nahee Ku, Sugueun Ji, and Young Seok Kim

Received 2019 Oct 21     Accepted 2019 Dec 14     Published online 2020 Jan 8
In this study, an electrospray technique was used for the synthesis of macroporous ceramic particles, such as silica or titania, by a colloidal templating method. For this purpose, a suspension of polystyrene nanospheres was synthesized by dispersion polymerization for use as sacrificial templates. The feed solution containing a ceramic precursor and... More
Pore-Widening 시간에 따른 단계적 양극산화방법을 이용한 초친수 알루미늄 6061 합금 개발
박영주 · 지혜정 · 정찬영

Received 2019 Oct 21     Accepted 2019 Dec 19     Published online 2020 Jan 8
This study created alumina structures with the highest hydrophilic properties on 6061 aluminum alloy. The anodization process was applied to make various aluminum oxide structures. To create uniform alumina structures on top of a 6061 aluminum alloy surface, after conducting the first anodization in 0.3 M oxalic acid at 40... More
AZ31 마그네슘 합금의 플라즈마전해 산화막 두께 성장에 따른 내식특성
최보은 · 정원섭 · 김용환

Received 2019 Oct 4     Accepted 2019 Dec 19     Published online 2020 Jan 8
The growth of the PEO coating with processing time on an AZ31B magnesium alloy in a dilute alkaline electrolyte containing silicate and the corrosion characteristics according to its thickness were investigated. The oxide film grew a porous outer layer mainly consisting of silicate with the spark discharge phenomenon from the... More
분말 합금법 및 고온 압연 공정으로 제조된 대형 블록 Ni-Cr-Al 초합금 다공체의 기계적 특성 비대칭성
김규식 · 심민철 · 박만호 · 윤중열 · 이기안

Received 2019 Sep 10     Accepted 2019 Dec 13     Published online 2020 Jan 8
A block Ni-Cr-Al superalloy foam with dimensions of 300 mm (width direction, WD) × 500 mm (rolling direction, RD) × 60 mm (normal direction, ND) was fabricated using powder alloying, multi-sheet stacking, and hot rolling processes. The structural characteristics, microstructure, and mechanical asymmetry of the block Nibased foam were investigated.... More
자동차 변속기 기어용 Cr-Mo-Si강의 가스 침탄 중 표면 산화반응 연구
최중길 · 김동휘 · 조봉래 · 홍승현 · 박준영 · 박성준

Received 2019 Sep 6     Accepted 2019 Dec 19     Published online 2020 Jan 8
As global regulations of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption efficiency become more strict, the automotive powertrain system has become more compact with lower lubrication viscosity. With the current trends in powertrain system improvement, the operating conditions of powertrain components such as gears are becoming more severe. As a result, it... More
RF-ID용 메타소재 흡수체의 설계 및 제조
류요한 · 김성수

Received 2019 Sep 3     Accepted 2019 Dec 21     Published online 2020 Jan 8
Radio frequency identification (RF-ID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. In response to the need to suppress the electromagnetic interference between adjacent RF-ID equipment or systems, this study aims to achieve a thin and multi-resonance absorber using metamaterials composed of patterned grids on a... More
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