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고압 다이캐스팅용 알루미늄 합금의 열전도성 및 주조성에 미치는 첨가원소의 영향
Effect of Alloying Elements on the Thermal Conductivity and Casting Characteristics of Aluminum Alloys in High Pressure Die Casting

Received 2018 May 11     Accepted 2018 Aug 30     Published online 2018 Oct 11
High pressure die casting is one of the precision casting methods. It is highly productivity and suitable for manufacturing components with complex shapes and accurate dimensions. Recently, there has been increasing demand for efficient heat dissipation components, to control the heat generated by devices, which directly affects the efficiency and... More
항복강도 390 MPa급 가공열처리강 대입열용접 열영향부 충격인성 및 연화현상 (Impact Toughness and Softening of the Heat Affected Zone of High Heat Input Welded 390MPa Yield Strength Grade TMCP Steel)
방국수 · 안영호 · 정홍철

Received 2018 Aug 1     Accepted 2018 Sep 15     Published online 2018 Oct 11
The Charpy impact toughness of the heat affected zone (HAZ) of electro gas welded 390 MPa yield strength grade steel, manufactured by a thermo mechanically controlled process, was investigated. The effects of added Nb on the toughness of the steel and the factors influencing scatter in toughness are discussed in... More
Hydrogenation Properties Of Mgh2–Cao Composites Synthesized by Hydrogen-Induced Mechanical Alloying
Min Gyeom Kim, Jeong-Heum Han, Young-Hwan Lee, Jong-Tae Son, and Tae Whan Hong

Received 2018 Aug 16     Accepted 2018 Oct 2     Published online 2018 Oct 11
Although magnesium-based alloys are attractive materials for hydrogen storage applications, their activation properties, hydrogenation/dehydrogenation kinetics, thermodynamic equilibrium parameters, and degradation characteristics must be improved for practical applications. Further, magnesium poses several risks, including explosion hazard, environmental pollution, insufficient formability, and industrial damage. To overcome these problems, CaO-added Mg alloys, also... More
핫스탬핑용 30MnB5강의 템퍼링 조건에 따른 미세조직 및 기계적 물성 연구 (Effects of Tempering Condition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 30MnB5 Hot-Stampingsteel)
정준영 · 박상천 · 신가영 · 이창욱* · 김태정 · 최민수

Received 2018 Aug 21     Accepted 2018 Sep 12     Published online 2018 Oct 11
The effects of tempering condition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of 30MnB5 hot stamping steel were investigated in this study. Before the tempering, hot-stamped 30MnB5 steel was composed of only α′-martensite microstructure without precipitates. After the tempering at 180 oC for 120 min,nano-sizedε-carbideswere precipitated in the α′-martensite laths. After... More
신축성 금속 나노선압저항전극 기반 로젯스트레인 센서 (Rosette Strain Sensors Based on Stretchable Metal Nanowire Piezoresistive Electrodes)
김강현· 차재경· 김종만

Received 2018 Aug 22     Accepted 2018 Sep 8     Published online 2018 Oct 11
In this work, we report a delta rosette strain sensor based on highly stretchable silver nanowire (AgNW) percolation piezoresistors. The proposed rosette strain sensorswereeasily prepared by a facile twostep fabrication route. First, three identical AgNWpiezoresistive electrodes were patterned in a simple and precise manneron a donor film using a solution-processed... More
4점 탐침 측정법을 이용한 고상전해질계면의 비저항 측정 (Direct Measurement of Electric Resistivity of Solid Electrolyte Interface using 4-Point-Probe Technique)
박준형· 최용석· 심형철· 안재평· 이재철

Received 2018 Sep 4     Accepted 2018 Sep 19     Published online 2018 Oct 11
Lack of understanding on the electrical properties of the solid electrolyte interface (SEI) has been one of the major hurdles for developing fast charging Li-ion batteries. Here, we report our preliminary experimental result on the measurement of the electrical resistivity of SEI using the direct-contact technique based on electron microscopy... More
Thermoelectric Properties of P-type (Ce1-zYbz)0.8Fe4-xCoxSb12 Skutterudites
Deok-Yeong Choi, Ye-Eun Cha, and Il-Ho Kim

Received 2018 Aug 31     Accepted 2018 Sep 20     Published online 2018 Oct 11
P-type Ce/Yb-filled skutterudites were synthesized, and their charge transport and thermoelectric properties were investigated with partial double filling and charge compensation. In the case of (Ce1-zYbz)0.8Fe4Sb12 without Co substitution, the marcasite (FeSb2) phase formed alongside the skutterudite phase, but the generation of the marcasite phase was inhibited by increasing Co... More
고온 변형 곡선을 이용한 동적 재결정 해석과 동적 상변태의 조기 예측 (Precise Flow Stress Analysis for the Occurrence of Dynamic Ferritic Transformation and Dynamic Recrystallization of Austenite in Low Carbon Steel)

Received 2018 Jul 25     Accepted 2018 Sep 20     Published online 2018 Oct 11
There have been previous attempts to observe the occurrence of dynamic ferritic transformation at temperatures even above Ae3 in a low-carbon steel, and not only in steels, but recently also in titanium alloys. In this study, a new approach is proposed that involves treating true stress-true strain curves in uniaxial... More
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