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펄스 전류 활성 소결에 의한 4YSZ-BN 복합재료 제조와 기계적 성질
조우진1 · 김성은1 · 오세훈2 · 손인진1,*

Received 2019 Oct 14     Accepted 2019 Nov 16     Published online 2019 Nov 22
4YSZ is generally used in fuel cells, oxygen sensors, hip and knee joint replacements and thermal barriers because of it excellent properties, including low density, high biocompatibility, good resistance against corrosion, hard phase and high melting point, and high ionic conductivity. However, 4YSZ with large grain has low resistance to... More
Comparison of the Extraction and Stripping Behavior of Iron (III) from Weak Acidic Solution Between Ionic Liquids and Commercial Extractants
Thanh Tuan Tran1, Mudassir Iqbal2, and Man Seung Lee1,*

Received 2019 Sep 18     Accepted 2019 Oct 29     Published online 2019 Nov 22
Fe(III) can be easily extracted from weak acidic solutions by organophosphorus extractants, but stripping a large amount of Fe(III) from the loaded extractants is very difficult. The extraction and stripping of Fe(III) from 2 pH chloride and sulfate solutions was performed with ionic liquids(ILs) and organophosphorus acidic extractants, and the... More
마그네트론 스퍼터링법으로 제조된 ZnO/Cu/ZnO 유연 투명전극 성능 최적화 연구
김대균 · 최두호*

Received 2019 Sep 18     Accepted 2019 Oct 28     Published online 2019 Nov 22
With the expanding development of flexible optoelectronic devices, the need for high-performance (i.e., high conductivity, high transmittance and flexibility) transparent conductive electrodes has grown. In this study, the critical role of thickness for each of the layers in ZnO/Cu/ZnO transparent conductive electrodes (TCE) for optoelectronic devices has been investigated. The... More
Demonstration Testing of Boiler Tubes in a Clean Power Test-Bed Plant
Yeon kwan Kang1, Yinsheng He1,*, Han-Sang Lee1, Beom-Soo Kim1, Liming Xu2, and Keesam Shin2

Received 2019 Sep 3     Accepted 2019 Oct 29     Published online 2019 Nov 22
The use of locally developed high performance alloys in power plants has become essential in the past ten years. Application of these alloys has been difficult because of a shortage of field demonstration testing, and the lack of lab-based test data. In this work, three types of locally developed heat... More
CBAPC 바인더로 제조한 인공사 중자의 강도 및 내습성에 미치는 P/Al 몰 비와 경화 조건의 영향
오현곤1,2 · 박동국1· 김양도2,*· 이만식1,3,*

Received 2019 Aug 28     Accepted 2019 Nov 18     Published online 2019 Nov 22
The CBAPC (Chemically Bonded Aluminum Phosphate Ceramic) binders have various advantage such as superior corrosion resistance and strength at high temperature, non-toxic, and eco-friendly material. Herein, we investigated the eco-friendly inorganic binder based on CBAPC using artificial sands for casting. The CBAPC binders were synthesized for various P/Al molar ratio... More
극저온용 Fe-36%Ni강 자동 용접부의 White spot 생성 원인 분석

Received 2019 Aug 27     Accepted 2019 Nov 5     Published online 2019 Nov 22
Fe-36%Ni steels have a much lower thermal expansion coefficient than stainless steels and aluminum alloys for low temperature. They also have moderately high strength and good toughness at cryogenic temperatures because of its stable austenite phase. These excellent low temperature characteristics make this alloy attractive for cryogenic applications such as the... More
Synthesis and Thermoelectric Properties of Partially Double-Filled Skutterudites (La1−zYbz)0.8Fe4−xCoxSb12
Ye-Eun Cha and Il-Ho Kim

Received 2019 Sep 16     Accepted 2019 Oct 21     Published online 2019 Nov 22
Partially double-filled skutterudites were prepared via encapsulated melting and hot pressing processes. The skutterudite phase was successfully synthesized through partial double filling of La/Yb and substitution of Co. A small quantity of secondary phase (marcasite FeSb2) was formed, but its formation was suppressed by increasing Co charge compensation. The marcasite... More
핫스탬핑 열처리 온도가 Al-10% Si 도금 30MnB5 강의 점용접성에 미치는 영향
손 성 국, 황 연 정, 이 창 욱*, 유 지 홍, 최 민 수

Received 2019 Aug 22     Accepted 2019 Oct 6     Published online 2019 Oct 8
Hot stamping is the most efficient manufacturing process to produce high strength automotive parts with reduced springback. Recently, 30MnB5 steel has been developed for hot stamping steel which can provide above 1700 MPa. However, resistance spot weldability of this steel is insufficient due to large amount of carbon addition. In... More
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